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About Us

Luwi Healthcare Limited harnesses the collective expertise of our seasoned senior management team. Guided by Aydogan Unal, a distinguished British entrepreneur boasting over three decades of successful business ventures in the UK, our venture collaborates with Luwi Dental in Antalya to establish a superb dental facility.

Our resort dentistry is delivered by the experienced Luwi Dental team, renowned for over 20 years for their excellence in offering top-tier Turkish dental care services.

Through our partnership with a UK-based dental team led by Karim Janfada at Wheatstone Dental Care in Leicestershire, we offer a unique pre and post-treatment support facility. We provide pre-assessment services for patients before their visit to Turkey, ensuring a relaxed arrival for our guests, allowing them to focus on their well-being and enjoyment at our luxurious resort amenities. Additionally, we offer aftercare and follow-up appointments at our Wheatstone Facility,ensuring comprehensive support and reassurance upon your return to the UK.

Conveniently located just a 20 minute drive from famous Konyaalti Beach, our in-house chauffeur service is at your disposal for airport transfers and to explore Antalya’s attractions, including shopping and tourist spots.

The Luwi Dental Clinic consists of Sauna, heated swimming pool, Turkish bath , massage, luxurious rooms , restaurant, bar, almost feels like 5 star spa as well as dental clinic.

As opened beginning of December 2023 we eagerly anticipate welcoming you, guaranteeing exceptional comfort and satisfaction.

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40combined years

Our team at Luwi Healthcare have over 40 joint years of dental tourism experience. When it comes to dental holidays and Turkey dental services, our extensive experience shines through. We have facilitated hundreds of dental tourism journeys.


We are partnered with NHS dental staff, so that you can feel confident that our team in the UK and Turkey will take the time to understand your issues and be reassured that our team have the experience to address your concerns and needs. Have a look at our testimonials and reviews.

Our Promise

Luwi Healthcare will never push you to any procedure or treatment and our philosophy is to look after you before, during and after your treatment in Turkey. Our team will listen and give you the knowledge to make an informed decision, in your own time, whilst also offering a warranty to cover you back in the UK after your treatment.

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