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Gum Graft, for a Healthy Smile

At Luwi Dental Clinic, we understand the vital role healthy gums play in a beautiful smile. Our Gum Graft procedures are thoughtfully designed to not only address gum recession but also to provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing solution for enhanced oral well-being.

You are the central figure in your journey toward healthy and beautiful gums. Take charge in addressing gum recession and rediscovering the confidence that comes with a rejuvenated smile.

Choose gum health and natural beauty with Gum Graft solutions at Luwi Dental Clinic. Join us on this journey towards achieving both healthy and beautifully rejuvenated gums. Schedule your consultation at Luwi Dental Clinic today.

Types of Gum Graft


If you’re experiencing gum recession, your dentist may suggest a gum tissue graft to address the issue. Gum recession can expose the roots of your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay, increased sensitivity, and abrasion.

A gum graft, also referred to as a gingival graft, is a corrective measure for receding gums. In this procedure, the periodontist extracts a piece of tissue either from the roof of your mouth or from nearby healthy gum tissue. This tissue is then attached to the areas where your gums have receded. The process is generally swift, allowing you to leave as soon as it’s completed.

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Free Gingival Graft

In a procedure performed by your periodontist, a small piece of tissue is extracted from the roof of your mouth and skillfully sutured, or stitched, onto the area requiring additional gum tissue. This type of graft is typically recommended when your gums are thin and in need of supplementary tissue to prevent further recession.

Connective Tissue Graft

In this common grafting procedure, your periodontist creates a small flap in the roof of your mouth, extracting a piece of connective tissue from beneath the top layer. The removed tissue is then carefully stitched to the targeted area in need of additional gum tissue.

Pedicle Graft

During this procedure, your periodontist addresses gum recession by creating a flap of tissue from an area adjacent to the receding gums. This flap is then employed to cover the recessed gum tissue, utilising local tissue without the need to harvest from another part of your mouth. This type of graft is often highly successful, as it avoids disrupting blood flow in any particular region of your mouth. Adequate gum tissue in the surrounding areas is essential for the success of this method.

The process is typically efficient and brief. Following the completion of the graft, your periodontist will instruct you to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash to promote proper healing.

Gum Graft/Gingival Graft At a Glance

Used to improve:

Receding and Deterioration of Gums

Treatment time

One Day



Length of stay in Turkey

3 Days

Required visits to Turkey


Time between visits (if multiple visits needed)


Treatment cost (from price)

From £80 Per Tooth

Follow Up needed in UK?

If Necessary

Recovery Time


Warranty Time


Warranty Coverage


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What should be considered before and after implant treatment?

For implant treatment to be successful, it is key for the patient to pay attention to oral hygiene. It is also recommended not to smoke before and after the treatment.

Can implant treatment be applied under general anesthesia?

Dental implant treatment can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation in our clinic, or under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Note: Please inform our clinic in advance of your request for sedation or general anesthesia.

what is the price of dental implant treatment?

In our clinic, implants start from £????? and reach up to £??????, and the price of the implant-specific abutment is also included.